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New Owners!

On August 8, 2016 it was made public that husband and wife team Ken and Kristi Remer had purchased the 40 year running arena motorsports entertainment property ICE / World Championship ICE Racing Series!

In a statement made by Ken and Kristi they commented

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to carry on the Densford Legacy and take ICE racing to the next level and beyond.” “We are extremely excited to see what the next 40 years for ICE will become!”

Watch Ken Remer doing his fire jump on a quad. – YouTube

Ken Remer -A Racer turns Promoter: Ken began his racing career in Sno-Cross several years ago and from there joined the World Championship ICE Racing Series. After a few short years Ken became an intrigue part of the ICE Racing Series.Ken collaborated with the ICE team to create such stunts as the never seen before Ring Of Fire Quad Jump and Body Burn. Ken became famed for his Fire side of the ICE Fire on ICE Tour™.

Ken even proposed to his now wife Kristi in front a sold out crowd during an ICE Race at the Ford Center in Evansville, Indiana. Kristi has always been a huge supporter of Ken’s racing career and has been there along the way to assist in the coordination of race events and stunts.

This husband and wife team has always had a passion for this series from the first race.

Remer Horseshoing


New Life, New Vision, New Ownership. Keeping ICE in the Family.



In an announcement made today by former ICE/International Championship Events, LLC President Brent Densford the 40-year running arena motorsports entertainment property World Championship ICE Racing Series; Fire On ICE!; The Greatest Spectacle On ICE! TM has been sold for an undisclosed amount. The new owners are husband and wife team Ken and Kristi Remer based in Burlington, Wisconsin.

Ken Remer has been a successful competitor in the World Championship ICE Racing Series for the past six years. He also is a professional stuntman most recently working on the popular television series Chicago Fire. Ken is promising spectacular special attractions for future ICE shows to enhance the Fire On ICE side of the events. Kristi Remer has a strong professional business and marketing background on her resume which she plans to immediately put into practice with ICE.

As part of sales agreement the original Founder and former CEO of ICE, Gary Densford along with Brent Densford, will stay on for the foreseeable future in at event advisory and off site consulting capacities. In a statement Gary Densford says; “We couldn’t be happier with who bought our business. The Remer’s have their heart and soul in it and along with their enthusiasm, ambition, commitment and the fresh new approach that they bring to the table, I believe the property is headed upward to the next level and beyond. The ICE winter tradition will hopefully continue on for at least another 40 years!”

The new owners are planning a 10 event series for their inaugural season. The 41st Annual World Championship ICE Racing Series is scheduled to run December thru March 2017. New contact information for ICE/ International Championship Events, LLC is:

Ken Remer – CEO P: 262-215-8022 E:
Kristi Remer – President P: 262-215-8022 E:
Mail: PO BOX 130, Burlington, WI 53105 USA