ICE Divisions

The World Championship ICE Racing Series offers multiple racing divisions.

ICE offers several racing classes at each event and has added special attractions at each show such as the Motorcycle on ICE Limbo, Motorcycle and Quad Stunt Shows, and in select markets Pyrotechnics.

Make your plans now to see – THE GREATEST SPECTACLE ON ICE !!!


Manufacturers Cup Bikes are state-of-the-art racing motorcycles made by all major motorcycle companies. They are very lightweight and incorporate a modern extremely powerful, 4-valve head, 4-stroke single cylinder engine. All the machines are matched by horsepower and weight to create and maintain parity with the race teams.

The spirit of this pro racing division is intended to showcase top motorcycle racers on state-of-the-art factory made performance race bikes. Race fans will be the biggest benefactors of this ice racing class. They will have the opportunity to watch their favorite riders, up close and personal, as they compete on ice ovals in some of America?s finest sports arenas.

Riders will be competing for cash and World Championship Points to see who will be crowned the next World Champion. Riding two wheels on ICE takes being fast and fearless and the Manufacturers Cup Bikes attract riders from American Flat Track, The X-Games, and Motocross.


In the winter of ‘85’ International Championship Events/ICE introduced “Open ATV” racing to their World Championship ICE Speedway Series. Initially 3 & 4 wheel ATV’s were allowed to compete in this new to the ice racing division. Today they compete separately.

ICE’s Unlimited Outlaw Quads are known for speed, and insane racing action and their lack of fear. These riders will be competing for cash and World Championship Points to see who will be crowned the next World Champion.

BIG DOGS (mini pit bikes)

50cc pit bike racing has been sweeping the motorcycle racing world by storm in recent years. Pit bike racing has spawned an all new aftermarket industry supporting this fun sport. Now there’s a place for pit bike racers to prove their skills and show off their toys in front of thousands of race fans in the intimate atmosphere of the world’s finest sports arenas.

The ICE Big Dogs are a hit – come on out and join the fun!.


ICE encourages local participation in our upcoming event in your area. to race in the ICE BREAKER QUADS CLASS.

The idea is to encourage more local participant involvement and perhaps find the Pro Stars of the future. The costs are reasonable and the memories are forever.

The ICE BREAKER QUADS are allowed to use a maximum of 100 Silver Rockets Racing Studs installed in their tires in a pattern of their choice.


The X-KART racing division will be featured in every round of this winters World Championship ICE Racing Series!

At this time the ICE X-KARTS have an open engine policy. The engine must be a single cylinder 4-stroker running on methanol or nitromethane fuel. One engine allowed per kart, rear wheel drive only.

Racer participation, fan interest and sponsorship growth will ultimately determine just how high the X-KARTS will fly! X-KARTS are purpose built offset, LTO (left turn only) speedway racing go-karts with highly modified fuel burning engines. ICE has adopted the World Karting Association/WKA chassis and body rules formula.


ICE’s Unlimited Drift Trike Class, bringing a new edge to racing. Hitting the ICE only a few short years ago, these drifttrikes have become the new craze and a crowd favorite.


All the excitement to the Unlimited Outlaw Quads but on 3-Wheels!! Holding nothing back and shredding the ICE these racers taking daring to an entirely new level.


This is where the future of ice racing begins! Not only is this where the future of racing starts, it is truly a crowd favorite! These kids have the passion and drive to become the next generation of ICE racers!