Start Racing With ICE

Returning Racers, we look forward to having you on Tour again!

New Racers: There are a limited number of Pro Rider positions open at all World Championship ICE Racing events. To race one event or the entire World Championship ICE Racing Tour, please contact Ken Remer as soon as possible to discuss your racing inexperience, intentions and which events you wish to compete in.

In the interest of competitive fairness and ice wear considerations, all machines must be equipped with Indoor Silver Rockets ICE Racing Studs/Screws. These studs/screws are available from ICE, please contact Ken at for screws. ALL PRO CLASSES MUST USE THE INDOOR SILVER ROCKET RACING STUDS/SCREWS!

NOTE: (Does not apply to Amateur non-studded classes).

The primary Pro Divisions of Racing are Manufacturers Cup Bikes and Unlimited Outlaw Quads. There are several other Racing Divisions as well, please direct yourself to the ICE DIVISIONS section on website.

At least one year of racing experience is required to compete in the Pro Motorcycle Division. Racing experience is advised in the Unlimited Outlaw Quad Division. You must have all the required safety equipment and a whole lot of courage will help!

We look forward to having you at the races!
Ken and Kristi Remer
International Championship Events, LLC
World Championship ICE Racing Series
PO BOX 130 – Burlington, WI 53105
Phone: 262.215.8022