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Downloadable PDF Format Entry blanks for our Racers!

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There are a limited number of Pro Rider positions open at most I.C.E. championship events. These open positions usually go to local riders and independent racers who don't follow the whole tour.

To race one event, or the entire World Cup Championship Series for that matter, please do the following:

    1.     Contact I.C.E. as soon as possible to explain what events you wish to compete in:             International Championship Events
            PO BOX 130, Burlington, WI 53105
            (843) 750-0741 E-Mail Contact Page

     2.    Pro's return the Official License/Entry Forms with appropriate fees as soon as possible after
            you receive them.

     3.    Pro's will be notified in writing or by telephone confirmation of your acceptance to the
            event(s). Should for any reason (such as a full field) you are not accepted your fees
            will be returned in full.

     4.    In the interest of competitive fairness and ice wear considerations all machines
            must be equipped with Silver Rockets Ice Racing Studs available from I.C.E.
            (Does not apply to Amatuer non studded classes)

     5.    All racers and mechanics must have a current and valid I.C.E.
            Licenses can be obtained in advance or at Back Gate Sign Up prior to each event.
            (Back Gate ussually closes 2 hours prior to the start time of each event)

     6.    The primary Professional Divisions of Racing are Manufacturers World Cup Bikes and Unlimited
            Outlaw Quads. ATV's. Pro Quads must be rear wheel drive only, equipped with any ATV or
            motorcycle engine and no wider than 50" at any point.

     7.    At least one year of racing experience is required to compete in the Pro Motorcycle
            Division. Racing experience is advised in the quads. You must have all the required
            safety equipment and a whole lot of courage will help!

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*Contributing Photographers:

Mike Gustafson, Lynnette Anderson, Mike Basso, Matt Dillon, Brian Losness, Ron Olds, Jetblast Photography & FX Photographics, Russell Bauer, Daryl's Photos, Metcalfe Photography, Ikonix Studio
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Burlington, WI 53105
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